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Dear PCRI Visitor,

The importance of prevention and early diagnosis of prostate cancer is critical to combating this disease that strikes over 200,000 men each year. To educate the public so men can take proactive steps to protect themselves against prostate cancer, we have prepared a pamphlet, "What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer" which explains the issues and provides practical recommendations that will encourage each man to contact his physician and take the early steps that could save his life.

The Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) is making these pamphlets available to you with the hope that each of you will distribute them to family practitioners, internists, urologists, oncologists, support groups, fraternal organizations, or other community organizations. Our goal is to get these into the hands of as many men as possible over the age of 35. The cost of these pamphlets is very low, just covering out-of-pocket costs, so they represent a very cost-effective public health medium.

It is our goal to end the threat of prostate cancer to any man's life and quality of life. These pamphlets can be an important tool in ultimately achieving that goal. Please help us in getting the word out to your friends and neighbors in your community.




To view and print, "What You Should Know About Prostate Cancer," (PDF format)

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