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Living with Advanced Prostate Cancer
When PSA Rises During Hormone Therapy

Advanced Prostate Cancer Handbook

A Free Handbook to help patients
manage advanced prostate cancer

Prepared by the members of the
Multidisciplinary Advanced Prostate Cancer Task Force

This is the first simple and comprehensive handbook for patients living with advanced prostate cancer, developed by a group of professionals and patients with expertise in advanced prostate cancer. This Multidisciplinary Advanced Prostate Cancer Task Force includes nationally known medical experts, representatives from major advocacy and research groups, survivors, and caregivers.

Contents include:

Medical Issues

  • A brief review of prostate cancer and its progression
  • Treatment options and managing side effects
  • Pain and pain management
  • Your treatment team
  • Why and how patients should keep their own records

Other Ways Patients Can Improve Outcomes and Quality of Life

  • The value of support
  • Alternative therapies: how to assess and use them
  • The role of diet and fitness
  • Understanding medical terms and research
  • Lists of resources
  • … and much more

PCRI is proud to participate in the Task Force to produce this critical handbook for patients dealing with advanced (hormone refractory) prostate cancer.

Order a free copy for you or a loved one by calling PCRI at 1-800-641-PCRI or, to request it online, click here.

Living With Advanced Prostate Cancer: When PSA Rises During Hormone Therapy is available at no charge to health-care professionals, patients, and their caregivers in the United States thanks to a generous educational grant from Abbott, and it is provided by the Institute for Continuing Healthcare Education (ICHE).

Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


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