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Advanced Prostate Cancer
Town Hall Meeting DVD

June 17, 2006

Chicago Town Hall Meeting, June 17, 2006

A Free DVD for patients with advanced prostate cancer
Limited quantities

New - view a segment online.

Physicians Attending
On Saturday June 17, 2006, six prostate cancer specialists participated in a “spirited” discussion regarding treatment options for patients with hormone refractory and advanced prostate cancer. The meeting was produced by PCRI and underwritten by an educational grant from Abbott Oncology. It was held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and included twenty-one patients and six partners. PCRI’s Program Director, Harry Pinchot moderated the session by asking questions submitted by the attendees to the panel of five medical oncologists and one urologist:

Oliver Sartor, MD, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston
Charles Myers, MD, American Institute of Diseases of the Prostate, Free Union, VA
Steven Tucker, MD, The Angeles Clinic, Santa Monica, CA
Nicholas Vogelzang, MD, Nevada Cancer Institute, Las Vegas
Daniel Shevrin, MD, Evanston Northwestern Health Care, Evanston, IL
Gerald W Chodak, MD, Midwest Prostate and Urology Health Center, Chicago

For more on the Town Hall Meeting, click here.

There are two DVD’s covering the following key questions (with approximate minutes):

DVD 1, Part 1
When is a man with prostate cancer considered to be “Hormone Refractory”? (18)
What would be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd non-chemotherapy choices for HRPC? (28)
Explain complete biochemical remission? (9)

DVD 1, Part 2
When should chemotherapy be considered for prostate cancer? (29)
To watch this video segment online, choose one based on your Internet connection speed:

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DVD 2, Part 3
What biologic markers, imaging and other tests should be done to determine if prostate cancer is progressing? (16)
When first line chemotherapy fails, what’s next? (20)
Since advanced prostate cancer spreads primarily to bones, what strategy or treatment do you recommend to maintain or strengthen the bones? (6)
How common and serious is osteonecrosis of the jaw and what can be done to prevent or treat it? (5)
Are the currently any treatments available or in development that target prostate cancer growth in the bones? (3)
At what point do you recommend cessation of treatment with intent to extend life? (8)

Since quantities are limited, we encourage you to share this DVD with other men you know who may be struggling with advanced prostate cancer, your doctors, or your local support group.

We offer the DVD for free, since we don’t want men who might benefit from the information to avoid requesting it simply because of cost. As you might imagine, producing meetings such as this and a DVD for free distribution is very expensive. If you would like to help defer our cost, so that we can continue to offer such resources, please consider a generous donation to the PCRI today. Click here to donate

Order a free copy for you or a loved one by calling PCRI at
1-800-641-PCRI or click here to request online.



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