Sleep And Its Importance For Bodybuilding

Deep SleepThere are only so many hours in a day, and if you’re working full time and juggling family and other responsibilities while trying to dedicate several hours to your fitness routine, it’s easy to sacrifice sleep. Don’t do it. The amount of rest you get has a direct impact on your success as a bodybuilder. You need to log between six and eight hours of shut-eye per night. If you don’t, your energy levels will suffer the next day and you’ll have a hard time keeping up with your lifts, your presses and your recovery. Your muscles need the rest, your mind needs the rest and your immune system needs to keep itself healthy.

A lot of fitness professionals and weight lifters who use prohormone pills and legal steroids think that the ingredients in those supplements will take care of energy levels and boost metabolism. It’s true that they will, but you still need your sleep. Nothing can replace or improve upon the natural rest that your body craves and needs. Whether you like to go to bed early in order to get up before the sun, or you’re a night owl who stays up until the early morning hours and then sleeps past noon, make sure you’re sleeping and sleeping well.

Why You Need It

You’re working hard to build muscle and burn fat. If your body isn’t prepared, you won’t get very far. Sleep allows you to push the reset button on your brain. You need to be mentally alert during the day, when you’re in the gym and planning your diet and doing your work. When your sleeping, your brain doesn’t feel the need to be alert, so you’re storing those reserves for when you need them. You’re also conserving energy while you’re at rest. You need all the energy you can possibly get when you’re in the gym, working out or boosting your cardio. Sleeping for at least six to eight hours a night will help build your stamina during the day.

Stages and Cycles

Just like the steroids and prohormones you’re taking, each stage of sleep has a particular role. You start off in Stage One, which is actually a delicate transitional period between wakefulness and sleeping. Then, you move into general baseline sleeping and a deeper stage of rest. When you reach REM, your brain and body are getting exactly what they need. If you have trouble settling down to rest or you wake up several times in the night, make sure you’re taking your hormones and steroids properly. Reduce caffeine in your day and check your diet to make sure you’re getting adequate proteins and fats, and not too much sugar.

Developing a Schedule

Whether you have trouble bedding down for the night or not, it’s always helpful to have a consistent routine that works for you. Start by going to bed at the same time every night. That way, you’ll train your body to anticipate sleep. Do your hardest training earlier in the day so you’re not experiencing a rush of adrenaline at night. Avoid sleeping pills and aids. While it might seem like an easy solution to your problem, they can become addictive and they might interfere with your prohormone pills. Finally, make sure your bedroom environment is conducive to sleeping. It should be cool and dark and your bed should be comfortable and inviting. Some people like to run a fan or fall asleep to music. Don’t watch television or listen to music; it can be a distraction.

Focus on all the pieces of health and wellness when you’re building your body and working to achieve the form you want. When you’re dedicated to what you’re doing at the gym and taking the hormones and steroids that will maximize your workout, you still need to pay attention to other lifestyle details. Eat right, get enough sleep and keep yourself mentally sharp and focused. Your goals require a holistic approach.