Identifying Good Carbohydrates When You’re Building Muscle

CarbohydratesWhen you’re on prohormones in order to really make a difference in the development of muscle mass and strength, diet plays a large role in your success. Most bodybuilders and weightlifters know that protein is an essential part of the daily diet. You also need carbohydrates. This may be confusing to anyone who has always thought that a high protein, low carb diet was the best way to gain muscle and lose weight. That’s true, but you don’t want to limit your carb intake too dramatically, otherwise there will be a detrimental impact to your physical fitness goals. The carbs will provide the fuel your body needs to keep up with your lifting schedule and your intense workouts. The challenge is in choosing the right foods to make up the carbohydrate part of your diet.

The Role of Carbohydrates

When you eat enough carbs, your body doesn’t have to break down the protein you consume for energy. It has a better source. This food group also increases your insulin output. That’s very important when you’re focused on building muscle because insulin is a very powerful and natural anabolic hormone. When you combine your prohormone pills with that insulin that your body naturally produces, you’re really getting a good start on your muscle building capability. You’ll also be able to fight fatigue when you eat enough complex carbs because your glucose

The amount of carbohydrates you should be eating depends on your body weight, your fitness and lifting goals, the ingredients in any supplements or steroids that you’re taking and the other sources of calories and energy in your diet. It may take some tinkering with your diet to determine how many grams you’re comfortable with. And remember that you’ll want to divide your intake between all your meals, whether you eat three a day or five a day.

Good vs. Bad

A lot of the sugary, processed and fat-filled foods that you work hard to avoid are associated with carbohydrates. These are simple carbs, and they’re not going to help you. When you’re building your body, it’s critical to stay away from candy, cookies, soda, potato chips and frozen or fast food meals that are loaded with awful ingredients and high amounts of sugar. These are not the carbs you want. They will affect your body in negative ways, causing you to gain the wrong kind of weight. Instead of building muscle, you’ll be growing your waistline and putting on unnecessary pounds in your stomach and around your middle.

Complex carbohydrates are what you want. This means staying focused on whole grains and foods with a lot of fiber. When you boost your fiber intake, you can also expect to flush any extra water out of your system, cutting down on bloating and water retention. Whole grain breads, brown rice, sweet potatoes and other natural foods are the best way to satisfy this requirement in your dietary plan. You can even find carbs in hearty fruits and vegetables such as corn, carrots and avocadoes. These foods will leave you feeling full and power you through your day.

Prohormones and Steroids

As you know, the insulin produced by these foods will increase your ability to lift weights, work on your cardio and stay on track with your workouts. When you balance your diet with a steady intake of prohormone supplements, you are giving your body the best possible chance it has to develop and maintain outstanding muscle tone. The supplements you take will work with your body instead of against it, and you’ll be amazed by the results you are able to achieve in a very short period of time.

Anyone who pays attention to their health is naturally wary of carbohydrates. However, if you’re working on building the best body you can, make your peace with them and focus on eating the right kind of foods for your goals. Fill up on complex carbs and stay away from all the junk that’s out there. Take a safe and legal steroid to move the building process along faster, and you’ll be on the right track immediately. Combine all your proteins with something like steamed brown rice, mashed sweet potatoes or whole grain breads and pasta, and enjoy.