Anavar Vs Hgh – Somatropin: The Better Choice For Growth Hormones

Physical body fitness is everybody’s dream. Though to some this means eating healthy and exercising, for others, it may entail engaging in weight lifting and hard exercise in the gym. The type of people whose idea of fitness requires weight lifting and hard exercise drills are those that seek to build their muscles. Achieving a muscular body may be tough if you only depend on the physical exercise itself, but for those who this alone cannot cut it, steroids can come in handy. There are so many types of steroids in the market a fact that makes choosing the best tough. To make a better choice, we are going to perform an analysis that will determine between anabolic steroids and human growth hormones, which one is the best for use.

Anavar - fat burning agentIn the battle of Anavar vs HGH, it is tough to know which one of the two will help you achieve your growth and fitness goals while not affecting your body negatively. To put facts in front of fiction, we will take an in-depth look into Anavar.

Anavar is among the most popular steroids consumed orally in the world. A contributing factor to its popularity is it being well-tolerable. Because of the few side effects that it has compared to other steroids, Anavar is considered among the safest steroids used today. But because it does not always deliver the exact expected results, it is deemed as unreliable in some quarters.

Anavar is a steroid made of the dihydrotestosterone hormone which when structurally altered produces the Oxandrolone hormone. Oxandrolone increases the effect of dihydrotestosterone resulting in an increase in its anabolic activities and prevents it from being broken down metabolically. One of the said benefits of Anavar is its therapeutic capabilities where it has proven useful in the treatment of various ailments. Because Oxandrolone decreases the body’s metabolism, it results in the body retaining more and more cholesterol. For this reason, Anavar is used medically for the purpose of weight gain for people who have undergone surgery or have had a disease that resulted in them severely losing weight. For the people with weak bones, Anavar will be prescribed for them as it aids in increasing bone density.

Other ailments that Anavar effectively treats are hepatitis, exposure to corticosteroids, and assistance in body growth for children lacking the necessary growth hormones. With such remarks, let us see which steroid will win in the Anavar vs Human Growth Hormone war.

hghBefore we decide on the issue of Anavar vs Somatropin, let us consider some of the negative side effects of Anavar. Because Anavar reduces metabolism in the body, an increase in the levels of cholesterol may result in heart related conditions. Though so, the probability of such conditions occurring is very minimal. Because it is a foreign material, it may toxify the liver. However, Anavar is less potent compared to some anabolic steroids in the market, so its toxicity is minimal.

When comparing HGH vs Anavar, you will have to have a basic understanding of what HGH is. HGH or Human Growth Hormones are hormones produced by the human body to aid in physical growth. The pituitary gland naturally produces these hormones. Because they are naturally produced, they have no adverse side effects. Therefore, compared to anabolic steroids such as Anavar, they are better and safe. Therefore, comparing Human Growth Hormone vs Anavar, the naturally produced growth hormones will always be the best. However, we should also consider that there are people who suffer from conditions that inhibit the production of growth hormones. These people therefore need to use steroids that aid in growth hormones production. Such a steroid is Somatropin.

Somatropin is an artificially manufactured human growth hormone that is prescribed to patients with diseases that affect growth. It is also used for weight gain in patients suffering from HIV/AIDs, Turner syndrome, and a host of other medical disorders. Most the medical applications of Anavar are the same as those of Somatropin, therefore placing them in the same position in term of positive effects on the body. Somatropin has no direct effect on the liver, and there are no cases where it caused any form of cardiac complications.

Therefore, when it comes to Somatropin vs Anavar, the best steroid is Somatropin.