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General Prostate Cancer News

PCRI Launches New Initiative – What’s Your Type? - Sept. 2008 - At the 2008 Prostate Cancer Conference, PCRI launched a new initiative and pamphlet to emphasize the need for a patient to fully evaluate his risk factors in determining whether (and when) treatment is in the his best interest. Not all forms of prostate cancer are life-threatening. As a result, not all prostate cancer requires treatment. The need for treatment is determined by a man’s “Risk Level.” Men with the Low-Risk type of prostate cancer can safely be monitored without treatment. Men with Intermediate-Risk or High-Risk disease usually do require treatment. (more . . .)

New Technology Observed at 2008 AUA Conference - PCRI was well represented at the 2008 Annual Conference of the American Urological Association (AUA) this past May in Orlando. Executive Director Mark Scholz, MD and Chief Operating Officer Joe Bueno met with exhibitors and attendees to promote PCRI and our September 2008 conference. Jan Manarite and I attended many of the sessions … This report will focus on some of the new technologies available for prostate cancer physicians and patients. (more . . . )

Highlights of the 2008 European Association of Urology (Douglas Chinn, MD attended the meeting and provided this exclusive report to PCRI)
This year, the 23rd annual European Association of Urology conference was held in Milan, Italy, at the end of March, 2008. Professor Per-Anders Abrahamsson, Secretary-General of the EAU, announced that the annual EAU meeting is now an international meeting based in Europe, with almost 14,000 participants and over 9,000 registered attendees from over 84 countries. … Prostate cancer continues to be a major focus at this meeting, with many simultaneous sessions on multiple topics. (more . . . )

Dr. Scholz reports on 2007/2008 Conference Highlights
From May 2008 PCRI Insights - Every year in the United States new research on prostate cancer is presented at three conferences: The ASCO Genitourinary Cancer Symposium (GCS) in February, the American Urological Association (AUA) meeting in May, and the Prostate Cancer Foundation Scientific Retreat (PCFSR) in October. The AUA meeting in May is pending at the time of this article, but abstracts from the upcoming conference have been released and are reviewed in this article. (more . . . )

2007 Conference Earns Accolades
When PCRI hosted the 2007 National Conference on Prostate Cancer in Los Angeles on September 7-9, at least one attendee pointed out that describing it as a national conference was a bit misleading since attendees came from at least 11 foreign countries, including England, Sweden, Afghanistan and Argentina. While most of the more than 700 conference attendees came from 34 U.S. states in general and the Los Angeles area in particular, many men, their partners, and family members did travel hundreds or thousands of miles to be part of this unique learning experience. Overall, the comments from the attendees indicated the event was a resounding success (more . . . )

Raise A Voice Continues To Be Heard...
On June 4, the PCRI’s Jan Manarite led a group of about 60 advocates in a march and rally on Capitol grounds in Washington, DC. In a spirit of unity, Raise A Voice was once again a representation of several organizations, and participants from 10 different states. Dr. Mark Moyad helped to inspire the event, and was the keynote speaker. (more . . . )

PCRI Recipient of $10,000 Donation Honoring Boxing Champion Floyd Patterson
April 2007: PCRI was delighted and honored to be the beneficiary of a donation of $10,000 from the Floyd Patterson Fund for Prostate Cancer Care, a fund instituted by the Prostate Cancer 101 group located in Kingston, New York... (more . . . )

“Sanibel woman lobbies FDA for prostate cancer vaccine”
April 4, 2007 LEE COUNTY: Prostate cancer is the most common non-skin cancer in the U.S., killing more than 27,000 men each year, but that number could be on the decline. Sanibel native Jan Manarite has been an advocate for the cure of prostate cancer ever since her husband was diagnosed. She even lobbied the FDA for a new vaccine... (more . . . )

Highlights of the 2007 European Association of Urology (Douglas Chinn, MD attended the meeting and provided this exclusive report to PCRI)
The 22nd Annual European Association of Urology Congress, held in Berlin In March this year, turned out to be the largest EAU meeting ever. There were over 12,000 participants, representing 113 different countries. This fact emphasizes that this is no longer simply a European conference, but rather has truly become international. (more . . . )

PCRI Attends 3rd PC Symposium in Orlando
February 2007: PCRI was well represented at The Prostate Cancer Symposium - A Multidisciplinary Approach in Orlando FL (Feb. 22-24, 2007). The full Helpline staff of Harry Pinchot, Jan Manarite and Jim O’Hara attended many of the sessions and had an exhibit highlighting PCRI services. Executive Director Mark Scholz, MD participated in the Symposium and also prepared a synopsis that will appear in the May 2007 Insights.. (more . . . )

Scholz Steps in as PCRI Executive Director
January 2007: The PCRI has appointed Mark C. Scholz, MD to the post of executive director, made vacant by the death of Brad Guess. Dr. Scholz is certainly no stranger to the PCRI, which he co-founded in 1996 along with Stephen B. Strum, MD, with the intent of raising awareness and educating the public about prostate cancer through regional outreach programs, quarterly newsletters, and a Helpline resource. In the 10 years since co-founding the PCRI, Dr. Scholz has kept closely in touch with the organization as a medical advisor and a member of the PCRI Board of Directors.. (more . . . )

2006 PCRI Conference Gets High Marks from Advanced Prostate Cancer Patients
By all measures, the 2006 PCRI Conference “Improving Treatment and Quality of Life For Men with Recurrent and Advanced Prostate Cancer” was a great success. Over 320 prostate cancer patients, partners and member of the medical community (from 17 states, Canada and Japan) filled the Golden Eagle Ballroom at California State University - Los Angeles on Saturday, September 9th. Eleven speakers delivered talks on a variety of topics directed toward patients dealing with advanced prostate cancer. Evaluation forms were extremely complimentary regarding the quality of the program, the facility and the event logistics. (more . . . )

PCRI Executive Director Dies Suddenly
Brad Guess, Executive Director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute, passed away on Friday June 30th from a sudden heart attack. The impact of Brad’s loss is profound. His talents and personality were perfectly suited for the multi-tasking responsibilities associated with running the PCRI. A brief review of his accomplishments attests to this. (more...)

Chicago “Town Hall Meeting” Creates Spirited Discussion
On Saturday June 17, 2006, six prostate cancer specialists participated in a “spirited” discussion regarding treatment options for patients with hormone refractory and advanced prostate cancer. The meeting was produced by PCRI and underwritten by an educational grant from Abbott Oncology. It was held at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and included twenty-one patients and six partners from the Chicago area and several diverse locations like: Waleska, GA, Cooperstown, NY and Boise, ID. (more . . . )

Highlights of the European Association of Urology (Douglas Chinn, MD attended the meeting and provided this exclusive report to PCRI)
In April 2006 the European Association of Urology (EAU) held its 21st annual meeting in Paris. This meeting is the largest urological meeting in Europe, and second largest in the world. There were 11,681 participants, including 9146 delegates. The EAU is based in the Netherlands, and its aim is to promote urology in Europe and worldwide.(more...)

PCRI’s “Town Hall Meeting” Involves Advanced PC Patients
On Saturday, April 8, 2006, forty-one advanced prostate cancer patients and their wives met with six prostate cancer specialists in the Los Angeles Ballroom of the LAX Hilton for a unique program that the PCRI has named a “Town Hall Meeting.” … The meeting was structured to allow advanced PC patients an opportunity to discuss the latest advances in treatment with a panel of experts. (more . . . )

PCRI Attends Prostate Cancer Symposium
PCRI was well-represented at the ASCO Prostate Cancer Symposium in San Francisco, CA (Feb. 24-26, 2006). Executive Director, Brad Guess, along with Program Director Harry Pinchot and Educational Facilitator Jim O’Hara attended many of the sessions and manned an exhibit highlighting PCRI services. Co-founders Mark Scholz, MD and Stephen Strum, MD plus several of PCRI’s Medical Advisors were also in attendance. (more . . . )

Executive Director Transition at the Prostate Cancer Research Institute
Glenn Weaver, the Executive Director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) is stepping down from his position effective February 28, 2006 to concentrate on his real estate investing business. The new Executive Director will be Brad W. Guess PA-C, who brings an in-depth background in prostate cancer care and research from his position at Prostate Oncology Specialists in Marina del Rey California. (more . . . )

Harry Pinchot receives Spirit of Philanthropy Award
Los Angeles - In celebration, on November 16, 2005, the Association of Fund Raising Professionals, Los Angeles County chapter, bestows its prestigious Spirit of Philanthropy Award to the PCRI's Harry Pinchot, as the Samaritan who best exemplifies commitment and effort to help his fellow man.  (details . . .)

Prostate Cancer Awareness in Florida (Sept 2005) - Prostate cancer awareness month had a very special impact in Florida. Once again, NBC stepped up to the plate in southwest Florida, producing not just one, but two separate news features dealing with prostate cancer. Credit should be given to the joint efforts of Jan Manarite, the PCRI’s Florida Educational Facilitator, and Lauren Stillwell, Assistant News Director of Waterman Broadcasting, the NBC affiliate in southwest Florida. (details . . .)

Dr. Terry Weyman Wins Humanitarian Award
Las Vegas – Friday, December 3, 2004, Biofreeze/Performance Health Inc. honored Dr. Terry Weyman with their 2004 Humanitarian Award at the ProSport Chiropractic 2004 Annual Convention. Dr. Weyman was chosen because of his achievements and service relating to his efforts in Prostate Cancer Research and Awareness. Dr. Weyman is the founder of the Prostate Cancer Climbs which have raised over $250,000 for prostate cancer research and public education. For more information on the Climbs, see

Harry Pinchot Wins Bill Dehn Award
Long Beach, CA - Saturday, June 19, 2004 - Prostate Cancer Research Institute’s (PCRI) Harry Pinchot is the recipient of the American Cancer Society’s 2004 Bill Dehn Memorial Award for the Most Inspirational Prostate Cancer Survivor. As PCRI’s Program Director, Pinchot spends hours on the phone manning the Prostate Cancer Hotline and helping hundreds of men a year. Since his own diagnosis in 1995, Pinchot has made educating men with prostate cancer his life’s passion. (more . . . )

The Finasteride Controversy
Los Angeles - Monday, February 16, 2004
Last summer, a team of 16 researchers reported on the seven-year Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial study that followed almost 19,000 men. … The report made quite a stir in the prostate cancer community because of two fundamental findings reported as follows. “Seven years of finasteride treatment resulted in a 24.8 percent reduction in the prevalence of prostate cancer [as compared to a placebo group] during that period.” … The second finding reported was that “high-grade disease … was noted in 6.4 percent of the men in the finasteride group, as compared with 5.1 percent of those in the placebo group. … One possible explanation for this difference is a grading bias: histologic changes that mimic those of high-grade disease are caused by androgen-deprivation therapy.” (more . . . )

PCRI Produces Educational Lecture in Florida
Fort Myers, FL - Monday, February 9, 2004
PCRI staged the first of its planned educational lecture programs. The event proved to be very popular. One hundred and eighty seven people attended the afternoon lecture given by renowned medical oncologist and prostate cancer expert, Dr. Stephen B. Strum. “Lessons From Experience” was an appropriate title for Dr. Strum’s planned four-hour presentation of actual case studies from his years of prostate cancer oncology experience. (more . . . )

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