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PCRI 2006 Regional Seminar
Conference Gets High Marks
Summary of talks

Prostate Cancer - Recurrence
Improving Treatment and Quality of Life

Saturday - September 9, 2006
8:20 AM - 5:00 PM

Golden Eagle Ballroom
California State University, Los Angeles

Presented by PCRI

For Men with Recurrent and Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Dr. Scholz talk - View online
Dr. Lam talk - View online

The conference program was developed for patients dealing with advanced prostate cancer. We are distributing a DVD with video segments of key talks by Drs. Scholz, Pinski, Gross and Lam for this audience. Since quantities are limited, we encourage you to share this DVD with other men you know who may be struggling with advanced prostate cancer, your doctors, or your local support group.

We offer the DVD for free, since we don’t want men who might benefit from the information to avoid requesting it simply because of cost. As you might imagine, producing meetings such as this and a DVD for free distribution is very expensive. If you would like to help defer our cost, so that we can continue to offer such resources, please consider a generous donation to the PCRI today. Click here to donate.

Order a free copy for you or a loved one by calling PCRI at
1-800-641-PCRI or click here to request online.


7:30 Registration, Continental Breakfast

8:20 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Prostate Cancer Research Institute,
Los Angeles, CA

8:30 Intermittent vs. Continuous Hormone
Blockade for Recurrent Prostate Cancer:
When is the Best Time to Start?
When is the Best Time to Stop?

Glenn Tisman, MD (Medical Oncologist),
Whittier, CA

9:10 Monitoring Locally Advanced PC
The use of Color Doppler Ultrasound and
Tissue Harmonics

Duke Bahn, MD (Radiologist) Medical Director,
Prostate Institute of America-Community
Memorial Hospital, Ventura, CA

9:45 Update: Imaging for Recurrent and
Advanced Prostate Cancer

Hossein Jadvar, MD, PhD, MPH (Radiologist)
Associate Professor of Radiology and Biomedical
Engineering Director of Research,
Visiting Associate in Bioengineering
(Caltech) USC, Los Angeles, CA

10:20 Break

10:40 Treatment of Hormone Refractory PC
Mark Scholz, MD (Medical Oncologist)
Medical Director, Prostate Oncology Specialists,
Marina del Rey, CA

11:20 Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer:
When is the Right Time to Start?
When is the Right Time to Stop?

Jacek Pinski, MD, PhD (Medical Oncologist)
Assistant Professor of Medicine USC/Norris
Comprehensive Cancer Center, Los Angeles, CA

12:00 Lunch

1:00 Advocacy for Advanced PC Patients:
Where Do We Go From Here?

Harry Pinchot, Program Director & Patient
Advocate, Prostate Cancer Research Institute,
Los Angeles, CA

1:15 Simplifying the Search for Clinical Trials:
A new partnership between PCRI and
EmergingMed to help prostate cancer
patients find the right clinical trials for them

1:30 Novel Therapies for Prostate Cancer:
“The Future is Now”

Mitchell Gross, MD, PhD (Medical Oncologist)
Assistant Research Director, Louis Warschaw
Prostate Cancer Center, Cedars-Sinai,
Los Angeles, CA

2:10 Emergencies in Advanced Prostate Cancer:
What Every Patient Should be Aware of

Stanley Brosman, MD (Urologist)
Pacific Urology Institute, Pacific
Clinical Research, Santa Monica, CA

2:45 Break

3:05 Supportive Care: Preventing and Treating
the Side Effects of PC Treatment

Richard Lam, MD (Medical Oncologist) Prostate
Oncology Specialists, Marina del Rey, CA

3:40 Surgical Treatment of Incontinence
and Impotence

Karyn Eilber, MD (Urologist), Director
Century Institute for Continence, Los Angeles, CA

4:15 Q & A

5:00 Adjourn


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