Superdrol For Sale

There are very few anabolic steroids that can boast a history that is as rich as the history of Superdrol. The once legal steroid was developed in the 1950’s, but it only became popular after it was legalized. You can say that the FDA mistakenly approved the over-the-counter sale of this steroid. After all, it was marketed as a pro hormone, or a bodybuilding supplement. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with over the counter sale of a supplement. When bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and other consumers discovered that Superdrol was much more than what marketers claimed, the FDA was forced to move in and investigate. After a lot of public pressure, the FDA decided to ban the product in the year 2006. This is just a year after it was legalized. Since consumers had already experienced some of the gains of this anabolic steroid, the demand was still high, so the product moved to the black market. It is important to note that what was banned was only the brand Superdrol, not the main ingredient – Methyldrostanolone – a steroid hormone. In fact, the FDA had to take another six years to list Methyldrostanolone as a banned substance.

What to Know About This Steroid

Before you buy Superdrol, it may be worth noting that the product has many similarities with Anadrol. In fact, it derives its name from Anadrol (Super Anadrol). However, it is an improved version, in term of efficacy, versatility and gains. The product can be used as a kick starter in bulking and cutting cycles. Regardless of the duration of the cycle, you can use this steroid in the first five weeks. After one month, you can expect to have gained 8 to 10 pounds. When looking for Superdrol for sale, you should know that the product has a cycle of 3-5 weeks. This is important when determining a suitable quantity to purchase.

The best place to buy anabolic steroids is online because they are banned substances that cannot be sold in the open market. There are thousands of vendors, resellers and affiliate marketers with this product in their inventory, so you will not have to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable product. To ensure your privacy and security online as well as get the highest quality product, be sure to check the reputation of a vendor as well as the type of security features on their site.

Superdrol Cycles For Bigger Muscles And A Harder Body

Superdrol is a remarkable bodybuilding product. There is no doubt about that. In fact, it comes as no surprise to know that the product was once legal in the United States. In the year 2005, the sale of Superdrol over the counter was legalized as the product was being marketed as a prohormone, and a bodybuilding supplement. Furthermore, Methyldrostanolone, the main ingredient of this anabolic steroid, was not a banned substance at the time. Once the true effects of the product were discovered, the FDA had to ban Superdrol. It is important to note that the FDA only banned Superdrol, but not Methyldrostanolone, which was only banned in the year 2012. These are just some of the interesting facts of this anabolic steroids. Read on to learn more about the others.

Superdrol Cycles

This steroid can be used in both bulking and cutting cycles. A Superdrol cycle can be completed in just 5 weeks. In just under a month, the user can expect to gain between 8-10 pounds. This is what most people have reported, but there are some who have gained more or less after a month of use. The maximum daily dosage allowed is 30mg. When starting a bulking or cutting cycle, the user should never exceed 10mg per day for the first week. In the second, third and fourth weeks, the user can increase the daily dosage to around 20mg. Ideally, one 10mg pill/tab should be taken in the morning and another in the evening. During the last week, the dosage can be increased to 30mg/day for best results. In a 10 week Superdrol cycle, you can use 250-500mg/week of Sustanon 250 for the 10 weeks. This will ensure you enjoy maximum muscle building results. It is important, however, that you exercise on a regular basis as you continue with your cycle.

Side Effects of Superdrol

All anabolic steroids have side effects, and Superdrrol is no different. For one, long term use can damage your liver. Fortunately, the short life cycle of the steroid means that your organs will be exposed to the substance for a short period of time. After every cycle, you should go into post-cycle therapy to reverse any side effect that might have arisen during the cycle. There are many bodybuilders and professional wrestlers who have used Superdrol safely. The beauty of using this steroid is that it is known to suppress estrogen, which means that you will not experience any unwanted side effects, such as growth of man boobs in men. This is usually a common side effect of anabolic steroids.