Best Steroid Cutting Cycles

It is almost impossible to gain bulk and lose fat at the same time. This is because during the bulking phase there is intake of caloric surplus and fat deposition despite clean dieting. This is why bulking and fat loss is done in phases. The cutting phase is therefore that which is dedicated to fat loss. However, the best cutting cycle should ensure that some if not all the gains acquired during a bulking cycle are maintained while the fat is lost.

Getting to below 10% body fat is the aim for most cycles. Steroids are used in order to start off this process as well as provide synergism with the dieting and high intensity physical exercises. The best cutting cycles employ the use of a caloric deficit, physical exercises and cutting steroids.

All steroids can be used for either bulking or cutting depending on how they are used and in what combination. However, there are some whose effects are mostly cutting. Most steroids that fall into this category do not undergo aromatization once in the body to form Estradiol. They are therefore not associated with water retention. Hence, cutting steroids are sometimes referred to as dry steroids.

Cutting steroids are rarely used singly even in the best steroid cutting cycle. They are combined with other steroids or other prohormones so as to give a synergistic fat burning effect. The best steroid cutting stack is therefore made up of at least 2 anabolic androgenic steroids.

Different cutting cycles have different potencies. The choice of one as opposed to the other is based on whether it is your first cycle, how you responded to other cycles if previously attempted and the safety profiles. It is important that beginners start with cycles that are mild in their effects. This is to not only allow your body to adapt to their anabolic and androgenic effects but to also prevent harsh side effects.

One of the best cutting stacks involves the use of Primobolan, Testosterone Enanthate and Anavar. A cycle made of this stack runs for 10 weeks. Primobolan is famous for its slow gains but they are easier to preserve as opposed to those acquired by first acting steroids. It is run for the first 8 weeks at a dose of 300 mg weekly. Testosterone is used in this cycle to increase gains as well as keep the levels of Testosterone in the circulation at above physiological levels, preventing symptoms of low Testosterone. It also runs for the first 8 weeks and is used at a dose of 250 mg weekly. Anavar is an oral steroid that is used in some of the best cutting stacks due to its ability to cause lipolysis and increase muscular definition. It is also mild and can be used by both females and males with safety. It forms the best of this cycle and runs the entire cycle at a dose of 50 mg every day.

Even the best cutting stack is associated with adverse side effects. This is especially true when the cycle runs for too long, or the stacks used contain higher concentrations of the steroids than is necessary. It is therefore important to research on cycle support as well as post cycle therapy. It is also imperative to come up with a plausible workout routine as well as a diet.