Prohormones For Sale

Prohormones are very popular with bodybuilders. They provide a legal source of steroids and they ensure the same amount of muscle mass formation as injectable steroids. They offer a clear advantage over injectable hormones though. Unlike injectable medical-grade steroids, pro hormones can be consumed orally and they generate the same body effects.


But how do they work?
Very simply put, a prohormone is a precursor form of natural hormones. It’s kind of baking flour before it turns into a cake. The metaphor is a little weird but it’s exactly how we would describe a pro hormone. Once the pro hormone enters the body, it is modified by human enzymes and converted into active hormones. One of the most common pro hormones in use by bodybuilders is testosterone. It’s illegal to use testosterone in competition sports but precursor hormones are under no such restriction. As a result, bodybuilders can use the best prohormones to double their body mass and endurance.

Who can take prohormones and who cannot?
Anyone over the age of 21 can use prohormones safely. However, it is advisable for younger athletes to first try diet and targeted workout routines before trying prohormones. You should know that despite being milder than injectable steroids, pro hormones are chemicals and they can cause significant side-effects on the human body. As a result, even legal prohormones are contraindicated in people under the age of 21. Doctors also recommend you carry out a complete medical evaluation before starting prohormones, particularly if you have heart, liver, or kidney problems.

Dosing and Delivery …What it means?
The good news is that almost all prohormones are delivered orally, sublingually, or through the skin. This cuts down on the pain of injections into muscle groups or body parts. As the delivery process is so simple, most athletes automatically prefer precursor hormones over injectable steroids. The other good news is that every company that legally makes prohormones also has specific instructions on how much of their tablets, sprays, liquids, and gels to take and when.

Prohormones are supposed to provide an incremental increase and decrease of hormone. This increase and decrease is supposed to provide a boost while working out, resulting in doubled muscle gain, increased endurance, and better fatigue recovery. However, when you take external hormones, the body stops producing its internal supply and this can be very dangerous if you stop your external hormone supply.

To prevent dangerous side-effects, doctors recommend cycling or stacking hormones in cycles. For example, even when you take prohormones, you have to start with a small dose of about 30mg or 300mg depending on the hormone. The dose is gradually increased to a maximum recommended dose and then tapered down again over a period of 2-8 weeks or more. This process is called cycling and is recommended for almost all hormones. Cycles may range from two-eight weeks or longer to about 12-16 weeks.

The term ‘stacking’ means combining prohormones. This results in a synergistic effect on the human body. Most companies have ready-made stack combinations that seem to work pretty well together. You can choose to custom-mix your own stacks but it’s a far better idea to pick up a readymade combination. This is because companies have doses and chemical formulations ready-mixed to generate a specific effect on the body.

Prohormones do work and they are very easy to buy online. If you are seriously interested in increasing your body mass, it’s a good idea to find a reliable website online that has prohormones for sale. Verify the reputation of the website and then make sure you buy prohormones that are right for your requirements like bulking/ cutting/ or endurance.