What You Need To Know About Nandrolone

Nandrolone is one of the best off-season steroids for bulking. This hormone is usually attached to esters such as Decanoate, Phenylpropionate or Cypionate. The most common formulation is Nandrolone Decanoate, commonly known as Deca Durabolin. Originally, it was developed by Organon in 1960 and available for general public in 1962.
Athletes and bodybuilders use it to increase strength, burn body fat, improve lean muscle gains, relieve joint pains, enhance protein synthesis, promote faster recovery and improve muscle endurance. In addition, it enhances nitrogen retention, increases red blood cell and collagen production, and strengthens bones. These qualities make it a suitable supplement for use during intense workouts.
• Few side effects
• High-quality mass and strength
• Improved appetite
• Enhanced IGF-1 levels
• Low liver toxicity
• Suitable for novice and experienced users
• Both men and women can use this product
Nandrolone for sale is available in pill and injectable form. Injections are the most common type and are administered intramuscularly. In many countries such as the United States, this product is controlled and prescription is required. Due to this, most users resort to obtaining it from the black market and some buy Nandrolone online. Caution should be exercised to ensure that one buys from trusted dealers only.
Nandrolone pairs well with several other steroids such as Testosterone, Anadrol, Sustanon 250, and Dianabol for tremendous gain in muscle size.
Women should take 50mg per week for 4-6 weeks. Higher doses lead to increased risk of virilization.
The recommended dose for men is 300mg to 400mg per week for 8-12 weeks. Doses of 200-300mg per week are suitable during cutting cycles. Taking weekly doses of more than 600mg is not advisable as it increases the chance of getting nasty side effects.
As with many other steroids, a post-cycle therapy (PCT) is recommended so that the body returns to its normal testosterone production.
Most users can tolerate this hormone but you are urged to strictly follow the recommended doses to minimize side effects.
This hormone is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to gain quality weight as most of it is usually lean muscle. Results are not realized as fast as with other anabolic steroids, but once gained, they are long lasting. The slow acting hormone allows the bodybuilders to perform heavier routines. Moreover, users experience few side effects if they adhere to recommended doses. Therefore, it’s always advisable to adhere to the dosage instructions.

Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Nandrolone Cycles

Nandrolone is a synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid that is derived from Testosterone. It is also known by the chemical name of 19-n0rtestosterone. Due its inactivity, this steroid has to be combined with an ester. The most common ester is Decanoate. As a result Nandrolone Decanoate is the most commonly used Ester and is almost always the one referred to as Nandrolone. It is marketed under the brand name Deca Durabolin.

Nandrolone is used for its protein forming properties. This steroid increases protein synthesis in its users to give muscular hypertrophy as well as increased mass. This however happens over a long period which gives more sustained gains. Nandrolone cycles therefore result in bulk gain that is easily retained. During a Nandrolone cycle, there is increased stimulation of appetite leading to more caloric consumption. This is very beneficial during a bulking cycle as the caloric surplus is needed for muscle gain.

The beginner Nandrolone cycle contains a stack of Deca Durabolin and Testosterone Enanthate. This cycle is usually run for 14 weeks. Because of the slow acting nature of Nandrolone, the mass gain effects take long to be visualized, for most people this starts at the 5th week. This cycle is usually combined with an Aromatase inhibitor to prevent the breakdown of the Testosterone ester to Estradiol. The dose of Testosterone Enanthate is 500mg a week while that of Nandrolone is 400 mg weekly.

The ultimate bulking cycle for intermediate steroid users consists of Nandrolone, Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate. This cycle runs for 12 weeks. Dianabol is used for the first 4 weeks to give faster gains at 25 mg daily. Testosterone Enanthate is used at a dose of 100 mg a week while the dose of Deca Durabolin is 600 mg weekly. Test E and Nandrolone run the entire cycle. The dosage of Testosterone Enanthate is reduced in this cycle to therapeutic replacement levels, which is what it is used for in this cycle. Dianabol and Nandrolone suppress the levels of endogenous Testosterone.

An advanced Nandrolone cycle usually lasts 12 weeks and contains a stack of Deca Durabolin, Testosterone Enanthate and Anadrol. Anadrol is used at 100 mg per day for the first 4 weeks; While Deca Durabolin is used at 600mg a week while Test E is used at 100 mg weekly. Anadrol is used in this cycle so as to kick start the gains as you wait for Nandrolone to take over.

Nandrolone cycles should be used alongside physical exercises and a high caloric diet to get the most benefits out of the cycle.