Best Fat Burner

The main reason why people undertake exercise and weight loss programs is to lose excess fat and attain a slim defined look. For this reason fat burning supplements were introduced into the market. They come in form of fat burner supplements and fat burner pills. They all have individual mechanism of leading to fat burning but the basis behind all their effect is by raising the body’s metabolism. An increased metabolism leads to increased lipolysis and destruction of fat in adipose leading to weight loss.

Some of the best fat burners have incorporated ephedra, caffeine and aspirin into their mixture. This combination was commonly used by obese individuals. Ephedra is an alkaloid similar to ephedrine. It is a thermogenic alkaloid that leads to increased catabolism and metabolism in the body. Research carried out on Ephedra alone showed that when compared to a placebo, there was weight loss associated with its use. It also increases blood vessel constriction and an increased heart rate. It was however found to cause severe side effects in some users and was banned. However, ephedra extracts that do not contain ephedrine, are still legal. Aspirin is combined to thin out the blood and allow for better absorption of both caffeine and ephedra.

Caffeine is usually contained in caffeinated drinks and coffee. It is used in some of the best fat burners in higher quantities than in those in the drinks. Caffeine increases the production of heat in the body. Increased heat production means more catabolism and lipolysis is taking place. This leads to fat loss and weight loss.

7-keto-DHEA is contained in some fat burning pills. It was shown to be more beneficial in weight loss as compared to other placebos. It increases the rate of weight loss and fat loss. It increases the production of testosterone as well which leads to more muscular gain and weight loss. When combined with effective weight losing diet and exercise, there is marked breakdown of fat and weight loss. In obese individuals, it increases the resting and basal metabolic rates. This enables lipolysis to take place even when the person taking it is resting.

One of the best fat burner products is the transparent lab physique series. The pills contain forslean forskolin, cayenne pepper and 5-HTP. Backed with clinical research, this is one of the best fat burner supplements. They work in synergy to increase the rate of metabolism of fat with thermogenesis. The end result is noticeable weight loss even with exercises.

Kor’s Nutrition’s Thermomaker produce fat burner supplements as well. The pills are taken in a dose of 2 pills daily. It is composed of entirely natural derivatives like caffeine which are thermogenic.

The other brand of fat burning supplements is the Muscletech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. It is among the newest produced pills used to aid fat burning. Some of the people who are in the search for weight loss have used it to begin their dieting schedules. It is marketed as a powerful thermogenic product with Yohimbe, a natural derivative, to increase fat loss. It is usually consumed as one pill a day. Yohimbe may cause excessive sweating so ensuring hydration at all times is necessary.

JYM Shred Fat Burning Supplement is marketed for its effectiveness in fat burning. It contains caffeine, synephrine and L-Carnitine. This combination allows for more energy boosts and for effective fat loss to take place.

Some of the contents of fat burner pills have been associated with certain side effects and it is therefore important to research the ingredients in each product and their side effects so as to choose a safer product.